Peter Peter Hughes (diskothiq) wrote,
Peter Peter Hughes

hotel with two trees, seatac

when i was a kid my dad always had the same dry answer when asked what he wanted for christmas/his birthday/father's day/whatever: "peace and quiet."

always thought that was kinda funny but it was only when i remembered it this morning upon waking up in an empty hotel room — jw had an early flight, mine doesn't leave until 2 — and realizing that this would be my last chance to lounge lazily in bed with the internet in my lap for god knows how long that i fully understood just how gd funny it actually was. peace and quiet! rarer than diamonds, more precious than gold! I HAVE SOME. two more hours of it. tomorrow i will be awakened at six a.m. by a little girl holding a book in my face and insistently making a sound like scooby doo going "hmmm?" which of course is pretty much the greatest thing ever. but it makes you appreciate the peace and quiet.

tour ended up being great. tour of hotel lobby xmas trees. hibernation time for mountain goats now.

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