Peter Peter Hughes (diskothiq) wrote,
Peter Peter Hughes

sprinternet, oklahoma

woke up in fort smith arkansas. yelped vietnamese for lunch a mile away, 4 1/2 stars, sounds amazing. we pile out of sprinter, are seated, order. sorry we're out of banh-mi. you're out of bahn mi. few minutes later sorry we're out of tofu. out of tofu. food pretty dismal tbh. place not so clean, funny smell. wtf fort smith yelpers. john leaves to find a paper and discovers mexican ice cream a block away. afterwards we walk for dessert and pass the converted gas station that's also a vietnamese place — "sandwiches" "vegetarian" it says in the window — the one we thought we were going to as it turns out. sigh.

delicias michoacanas fucking amazing though.

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